From the political arena to the video game grid

October 14, 2008

Canada’s national party leaders have wrapped up the latest round in their political game with today’s race-to-nowhere federal election, but for American presidential hopefuls, the game’s still afoot. In the case of the Democrats, the political game has begun to merge with video gaming. The CBC site is carrying a story about Barack Obama taking out an ad in the Electronic Arts game “Burnout Paradise” for Xbox 360. Apparently, racers pass a billboard featuring the senator’s picture and a message directing them to his website.


  1. So spooky and awesome all at the same time. I am unsure about how I feel about this.

  2. Hey, our government is essentially unchanged, and it only cost the taxpayers $300 million! Sweet.

    Obama is definitely savvy to the ‘net and gaming generation, and this is a pretty sweet idea, and it’s reaching and appealing to that demographic. Much more interesting to realize that over on gamepolitics.com they’ve noted that around 3/4’s of the gaming industry supports Obama, even though the Democrats have a more notable history of trying to push anti-videogaming legislation.

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