BLitWotW: Anyone else seeing lights?

October 30, 2008

I don’t know what it’s like where you are, but even though it’s the middle of the night and cloudy here in BC’s Lower Mainland, I’m seeing a hell of a lot of lights in the sky. Anyone else know what’s up? Harrysaxon, you’re just south of the river, are you seeing this too? I mean, I know I had eye surgery this summer, but I can’t be seeing flashes like this! Doesn’t look like the usual air traffic coming in to Vancouver International either. Weird thing is, they’re all coming down. Too slow to be meteorites though…

Oh wow! A really bright one just flashed nearby – it’s gotta be somewhere near the Deas Island tunnel I think.

Old satellites maybe? You’d think they’d bring them down out to sea rather than over a residential zone, farmer’s fields and an airport though.

Is this happening anywhere else, or just out here on the Wet Coast? Maybe I’ll check Newsworld in the morning before work.

Let me know if any of you hear anything. Thanks.


  1. Just popped outside – maybe saw a couple flickers in the sky, but nothing to suggest something as dramatic as an old satellite. Weather’s been weird today, and I’ve seen ball lightning around here a couple times. Or maybe the scads of nearby greenhouses have figured out a way to up the light pollution some more. 🙂

  2. […] heads up to anyone reading here but not over at Not a Planet Anymore; October 30th has arrived, and the War of the Worlds has begun. Throughout the day – though I plan on escalating my activities significantly come roughly 8pm […]

  3. South Eastern New Hampshire, US, here.

    The sky is very clear here this morning and I’ve not seen anything unusual yet, but will keep en eye on things and will let you know.

    (ps – on board with the reporting thing)

  4. North Coast British Columbia here.

    I thought there was a forest fire with all that glow over the mountainline. Weird. That is some glow.

    Wait they tend to bring satellites down in the water right? I guess that could be the case but would they bring down four satellites at once?

  5. […] I am glad I saw that because it has been dark all night long with rain off and on, complete cloud cover here but it is pretty cool because there are these stars that are peeking through some breaks in the dark sky.  Well that is what I thought until I read this. […]

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