BLitWotW: beaten up, cut off and rounded up

October 30, 2008

Still no luck getting in touch with my wife. Good luck to you, harrysaxon, in finding yours. She’s a smart lady and she’s probably gone to ground where she’ll be out of harm’s way.

I saw one of the big bastards get taken down today near the Richmond armory, but another one evened the score pretty quickly. I was lucky to get out of the area alive. I figure the only reason I made it was because I was on a bike and hidden on a recreation trail. Every car in the area got torched by the tripod that came to avenge his buddy.

News from around the world this afternoon is bleaker than I could have imagined. I’ve given a summary over on bloginhood, but the bottom line is there’s been lots of heavy fighting just about everywhere, and we’re losing. The Martians (that’s what I’m calling these fuckers now, ’cause alien assholes just doesn’t have that certain je ne sais quois) are vulnerable to some bombardment, but their heat rays are such a totally effective weapon offensively and defensively that not much gets past them. They’ve tried nukes overseas, but the tripods outside the initial blast zone just dig in and let the shockwave roll over them, then get up and proceed to kick more ass. That creepy black cloud you saw, harrysaxon, was their gas weapon. Worse than mustard gas from all accounts, but, strangely, it’s rendered harmless by water. Huh? Anyway, today’s rain here on the Lower Mainland must be keeping the stuff down and preventing the situation from getting worse than it is.

For any of you in Greater Vancouver who are reading this, stay put ’cause you won’t get far anyway. The Martians have taken out all the major transportation infrastructure. I heard Vancouver International Airport get torched not too long ago. All the bridges have been wiped out. The ports and pretty much anything that floats are now wreckage, and the major roads at the head of the Fraser Valley and along the US border are destroyed and guarded by tripods, along with the Sea to Sky Highway to Whistler. Reports from the radio mention lots of people are “heading for the hills”, but unless you want to become bear chow like those dumb bastards or get hypothermia, you’ll rule that out as an option.

It’s almost like they’re trying to keep us isolated from one another – not destroy us so much as keep us in one place – keep us manageable. I feel like we’re being treated like cattle. Oh shit. Maybe that’s why they’re destroying the infrastructure, but leaving the utilities alone -if we have power and phones and the net we can communicate with each other, but they’re not worried about us strategizing (today’s battles have proven they can handle themselves against our best) – they want us to talk to each other so we can ramp up the panic. I guess this dumb blog isn’t helping, huh?

Does anyone know what’s the deal with the red weed? I took the cat out in the back yard earlier (odd how such a regular domestic chore can happen amidst the truly incredible) and noticed that shit growing all over the place. If we somehow survive this invasion, that red weed is really gonna piss me off. I hate gardening at the best of times, I’m really gonna hate having to pull all that crap out!

I’m gonna hunker down here for a little while longer to see if my wife can make it home. If not, well, there’s cover of darkness (I assume – probably wrongly, ’cause hey, if they can cross interplanetary/interstellar distances, they probably have night vision goggles) and I may try to make a break for it.

Let us know what’s happening in your area so we can figure out what they’re up to now that they’ve cleaned our military clocks so thoroughly. Stay safe, everyone!


  1. WTF!

    I managed to cross the Cambie Street bridge before it get blown up. I ran all the way down Vancouver to find out those things destroyed all bridges connecting to Richmond! Great! Just great!

    After all the ducking, dodging, diving and dodging, those things blew up the Oak street bridge!

    If I ever survive this, I should really join a dodge ball team.

  2. Hon, is that YOU?!

    I’ve been missing your posts today – always out when you were posting or too busy updating things.

    You won’t be able to get to this side of the river for a while. Just lay low! Take care of yourself! Try and make it to one of your uncles’ or aunts’ houses – I know they’re assholes, but it’ll be a roof over your head. Don’t know when I’ll be able to link up with you.

    One of the Martians is just outside on the street. Can’t move or I’ll be spotted. Looks like it’s drunk – swaying around. If it falls on the house…

    Anyway, don’t worry about me and the cat – chubby dudes like us know how to get by and we can last for a while without food. Just take care of yourself. Love you!

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