BLitWotW: Lots of craters on the news

October 30, 2008

They’re not leading with it yet, but  a lot of the local and national media are picking up on this story about all the meteorites that came down last night. Craters nearly everywhere around the world near population centres/cities/towns/villages – funny, not many reported as being in the wilderness.

No enlightenment from the scientific community and not much in the way of comment from police/military officials or politicians.

I haven’t seen many clear shots yet on our local media – anyone else seeing better pix in your neck of the woods? – but is it just me or do the aerial photos make those craters look all more or less the same size?

Gonna do a little poking around on the net before work.

I think we’ve got a couple of craters near-by, based on what the morning drive news is saying.

Let me know if anyone finds anything out.

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