BLitWotW: someone’s got the drop on someone, I just don’t know who – the end one way or another

October 30, 2008

Picking this up where I left off on bloginhood – didn’t make it as far as the store – Martians camped out in a field at #4 and Steveston Highway, tried to turn back but another was coming in from behind me so I left the bike and dove into a ditch. Waited for him to pass then crept back through the burbs.

I saw one of the fuckers down! I can’t believe it – about 5 blocks away on the way back – flat-out crashed into a house and not moving at all. Later on, against the glare of the fires closer into town I saw a bunch of the tripods just standing around swaying back and forth like drunks at last call. Got home but as soon as I fired up the computer one of them came tottering down the street. Fucker’s standing pretty much right outside my goddamn window. Typing but the rest of me hasn’t moved since he got here. Oh wow do I have to scratch in a couple of places. But if I do, I might be fried – Martian’s got a clear view and a clear shot. The light’s out but I can’t chance it.

Really tipping back and forth now! I should grab the cat and bolt but it keeps trying to regain its balance and I don’t want to get shot – kinda want to see it fall too – I know, very stupid.

Have to type fast now cause it’s staggering all over the development – hit the neighbour’s house, now back this way – shit, just grazed the roof okay that’s it i’m outta here. gonna hit send and hope for the best holy shit it’s coming down for real now haeding this way slipping on road no time to get outstairs are in the front of the house ehre he coms

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