BLitWotW: thanks for keeping us in the loop

October 30, 2008

Just wanted to give a shout-out to crotchetyoldfan and E Dragon for letting us know what’s going on on the North Coast and back east in SE New Hampshire (must look amazing this time of year with all of the leaves on the trees – unless they’ve been knocked over by whatever came down last night, that is!) – if you guys saw those lights last night too, then I know I’m not completely nuts – yet, anyway.

Any craters around your place at all? What’s the local response been like?


  1. Guess that wasn’t ball lightning last night. Weather’s weird today, never seen the sky that colour. No craters on this side of the river anyway. I’m at work and everyone here is a little worried we’re in for a busy day (I work in a hospital), but nothing yet.

  2. =)

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