BLitWotW: time to find a way out of here

October 30, 2008

It’s way too quiet in my neighbourhood tonight. No cars – at least, none that are moving. Most of the surrounding townhouses and condos are dark. With the low clouds, rain and darkness, maybe it’s time to make a move. I can’t take the car –  I ran out to the end of the block earlier and the main streets look jammed up with cars – accidents mostly, like they’ve smashed into each other in the panic, but some look like they’ve been tossed around (especially the ones imbedded in nearby houses) by something big. Potholes like you wouldn’t believe in the streets, probably from the tripods. No, I’ll try to go by bike again. I’m going to make a run down to the Canadian Tire store and “Liberate a small infatable raft and a few other supplies. Tomorrow, if my wife’s not back, I’ll see if I can make it up the coast a ways. Maybe the Martians haven’t gotten around to Bella Bella. It’ll probably take days or weeks to get up there, but I’m getting more and more nervous about wating around here like a tin of tuna in the pantry.

Wish me luck.

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