BLitWotW: Word has it they’re artificial

October 30, 2008

Okay, word’s starting to come in from local media that these things in that’ve made the craters are artificial. Some clear shots that some of the TV stations have posted to their websites are showing some straight edges and non-natural curved surfaces. Hard to make out more details than that though – crowds keep getting in the way.

The rational part of my mind is wondering if this is some sort of corporate publicity stunt or something. But then there’s that little paranoid voice that’s saying, well, maybe not… So what could they be?

At any rate, looks like a couple have come down in Richmond, and not too far from my place. I’m gonna call it an early day here at work and head home. Should be okay with the boss since I’ve just got a pile of editing to do for one of our organizational magazines, which I can work on at home. Gonna spin by the crater just off Garden City Road to see if I can get a glimpse of this damn thing.

Anyone else close enough to take a look?

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