BLitWotW: Now I know why it’s so quiet

October 30, 2008

Have a little time, enough to correct my typing again, anyway. I’m holed up again, near the.. near where the Port Mann bridge used to be. My excursion was… successful, I guess. I found out where everyone is, why there’s no bodies on the streets out here. But first… I’ve managed to catch up on my reading. Good luck, bloginhood, but be careful. And thank god for what Lugosi’s turned up. Heh, I’ve been fighting a cold for weeks – they better not mess with me if they know what’s good for them.

There’s no-one here because they’re collecting us. I don’t know why, but those baskets you saw, bloginhood – I still hadn’t gotten close enough to see one, and they hadn’t gotten up to it yet when you saw it. They’re fucking COLLECTING us.

Maybe we’ll beat these things… yeah, Martians, I can’t believe they came from Mars after the Rover expeditions and all, but it seems as fitting a name as anyway… maybe we’ll beat them just by accident. By just being the filthy disease-ridden creatures we are. Maybe they would’ve resisted normal colds and flus, maybe our obsession with hand sanitizer and antibiotics engineered things they couldn’t handle. But so far… it’s not much help here. I think I’ve got a good spot… I really have no idea how I’ve avoided them for so long, although I abandoned the Jeep hours ago to keep a lower profile… maybe it’s just luck. I hope my wife had the same luck. And my cat. But no way of knowing… I don’t like that she doesn’t answer her phone. Most of the rest of the area has coverage, and not many people using it anymore. I can’t help but think…

nothing I can do now I guess. I’m just numb. almost apathetic and indifferent. amazing what the human brain can endure when pressed. I’m somewhat underground, I’ve covered up the only way to squeeze down here with boards, I’m being as quiet as I can… heh, let’s just hope that they can’t trace the radiation coming out of this thing…

Wait. What was that?

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