BLitWotW: Plants

October 30, 2008

Haven’t made it very far. There’s this black smoke all up the river valley. Not sure i should fo down. And what the shit is this red plant?

Maybe if the smoke clears a bit I’ll try to get down to the island on foot. I thin

Holy shit one of them is in the river. What the help is ut doing?

oh my god.

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  1. All the cops are out doing what they are sworn to do “to serve and protect”.

    My husband and cat are in Richmond, I must go home and be with them. No buses are running, and I don’t have a car. Good thing I have my running gear with me…… See how fast can I run from downtown Vancouver back to Richmond! My personal trainer will be proud of me!

    They left the weapon room open! I don’t care anymore, I am going to take a gun and bullets with me.

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