BLitWotW: Speechless

October 30, 2008

I’m in Surrey. 3G towers are still working here. My phone lit up like a Christmas tree all of a sudden. Whatever this is, it seems to be happening everywhere. You don’t need me to tell you what I’m seeing, and bloginhood did a better job than I can do on an iPhone keyboard. The look like some kind of goddamned giant robot octopus. And what the hell are those weapons? They’re not lasers, they’re not fire… some kind of plasma weapon? Or have I just played too much Doom, is that what plasma even is? fuck, I’m no scientist.

I know it leaves people looking like something I’d see turned out of a barbeque pit. And smelling, too. No wonder cannibalistic tribes sometimes referred to their favourite meal as “long pork”. Who knew all the forensic studies in college would be girding my gut for something like this. Not that there’s anything left in my stomach.

I’m… in total shock. I think Ladner’s mostly gone. I was a couple klicks away from the airport when I saw it rear up. I could hear them moving over the village. The whole sky over Ladner is glowing. It’s an old town, mostly wood buildings. I think it went fast. Maybe Floyd’s lurking somewhere back there, I hope he is. He’s a clever bastard and survived on his own a long time before I rescued him.

I can’t get my wife on the phone. I’m trying to move towards her work. I hope you manage to get in touch with your wife, man. I’ve wasted too much time typing this, though, I should get moving. It doesn’t look too bad here yet. It’s creepy, actually, been trying to stick to easy fields and parks, but the streets are almost deserted, no bodies even – I left those behind in east Delta – though the abandoned cars cluttering the roads are going to have a lot of people upset by what I’ve done to their front yards with my mudders. If they live to see it. Where the hell is everybody anyway?

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