BLitWotW wrapup: So that was our tribute to Well(e)s…

October 31, 2008

Well, with the demise of both myself and bloginhood, that brings to a close our attempt to blog like it was the War of the Worlds. We tried to stay faithful to the spirit of Orson Welles and the plot elements of H.G. Wells, such as the red weeds, the heat ray, the collection of humans as a food source, and their ultimate demise through common virii and infection. I rather enjoyed the way our two styles played against each other – bloginhood at home (largely), giving a coherent big picture, while I made my doomed iPhone-documented trek across the fields of Delta and Surrey in an attempt to find my wife at her workplace.

I’d like to thank everyone who read it, and those who joined in, both on their own blogs and in the comments. While my original plan to twitter the experience fell through due to problems syncing up with the Twitter #wotw2 project – we just found out about it too late – I think the result was actually better for me, without having to constantly deal with the 140-character limit imposed upon tweets.

We arise from the ashes, ready to bring you more musings, speculations and predictions about the geeky world of speculative fiction and video games. And while this was originally concieved as a 70th anniversary tribute, I think we may make it an annual event. So start thinking now about how you’d deal with giant tripods blasting heat rays across the populace – in only 364 days, the Martians will be invading again!

Happy Halloween!

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