“Doctor Who”‘s 45th anniversary

November 26, 2008

The Doctor has the prescription for longevity. Not just because he’s a seemingly immortal Time Lord, but because his show has been around for 45 years (31 years on-air).

Over the years, we’ve seen many faces of Doctor Who – literally, through his 10 regenerations (soon to be 11), but also figuratively through the sides of his personality the writers and actors have given us. Goofy, serious, weary, enthused, compassionate, terrifying, cold, noble, regretful, sad, awestruck and even lovestruck, The Doctor has been many things, but he’s always been the gateway to chance – the opportunity to explore the seemingly impossible, for his more-or-less normal Companions to pit themselves against the odds (with varying degrees of success and sometimes tragic failure, because travelling with The Doctor is a gamble – there are no guarantees of a sunshiny outcome) so that, despite the external adventures (and what grand adventures they are), they can understand more about themselves and maybe the universe.

45 years of history, and most of that with new content running on-air, is a staggering, geologic, god-like, near infinite amount of time in the world of broadcast. Fitting for a show about a Time Lord. Much deserved for a show that’s endeavoured to tell entertaining stories with interesting characters.


  1. it is impressive…

  2. 45 years! And while it wasn’t on TV for 14 of those, it wasn’t through lack of trying, as he lived on continually through the TV-absent years through novels, BBC Radio productions (which are still ongoing, many starring past Doctors and companions), comic strips… and with no signs of slowing down.

    Bit of trivia; because the longest on-air drought came after the TV movie, the 8th Doctor, Paul McGann, has actually been featured in more spin-off media than any other Doctor, even though he only played him for one TV special.

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