Review: “Guitar Hero World Tour”

December 2, 2008

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  2. Perhaps it would be more appropriate to return it to its owner rather than trade in someone else’s game dude.

    Just a thought.

    Not that I’m looking for it to come back any time soon; I’m too busy playing AC/DC tracks on RB2.


  3. LOL, sure I’ll return it; you must have been at a nadir of frustration when you gave it to me, as you said something to the effect of “if you don’t like it, sell it, trade it, give it to someone else, I don’t give a shit”.

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  5. When I was trying to decide whether to buy GH:WT or Rock Band 2 I found most people seemed to be going the Rock Band 2 route, except for the hardcore fanboys of the Guitar Heroes series.
    It also seems to be a mixed bag about the instruments, some Rock Band lovers adore the Guitar hero guitars and vice versa. It really comes down to personal preference it appears.
    during my decision process I put a bunch of information together to help others decide which one to buy, you can view it here if you like, http://www.squidoo.com/RockBand2orGuitarHeroWorldTourWhichWaytogo


  6. Yeah, I’m a Rock Band player who vastly prefers the Red Octane GH3 guitars. I hate the Rock Band guitars; they hurt my left hand due to the sharp edges on the back of the neck, the recessed buttons are harder to slide along, and the strum bar is awful.

    The GHWT guitar seems fine, too, and I like the new big slap button to activate star power, but I could care less about the slide pad, so I’ll be sticking with my GH3 guitars for awhile.

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