The “Desert Bus” heroes

December 2, 2008

Heading into work this morning I was listening to The Zone out of Victoria when the jock made mention of a local fundraiser of epic geek proportions: the members of the comedy troupe LoadingReadyRun are running “The 2nd Annual Desert Bus For Hope“.

This brave group has parked themselves in front of Desert Bus, a game originally part of “Penn & Teller’s Smoke and Mirrors” and said to be the most boring video game. Period. The goal: to successfully complete an 8-hour coach bus drive (and that’s in real-time) between Tucson and Vegas. And then end, you turn around and head back. For another 8 hours. Crash and you’re back to square one.

The money raised is going to Seattle charity “Child’s Play“, which donates money to children’s hospitals around the world. Last year they garnered more than $22,800. At the time of this post, they’ve so far managed to raise over $54,100 – that’s after being on the virtual road for more than 4 days and 5 hours. They’ll be locked in this epic battle with boredom (and no-one who’s watched the live bus cam feed for more than 5 seconds would dispute this claim) until they reach their time limit (burnout threshold?) of 121 hours.

Whether you can donate or not (cause hey, we’ve all got causes that are personal to us/friends/family that we support, and that’s cool), you’ve gotta take your hat off for the effort these folks have put in. Not too long ago, I did a post over on bloginhood about why geeks are great. The “2nd Annual Desert Bus For Hope” is further proof that even though geeks create and live in different worlds from time to time, their community spirit and passion make this world a hell of a lot better.


  1. I only recently stumbled across the Desert Bus through Wil Wheaton’s Twitter; great guys giving to my favourite charity while playing an incredibly amusing anti-game created by my favourite magicians. Did you know that the bus pulls just slightly to the right so you can’t tear your attention away?

    Thanks for giving them some press here!

  2. I seem to recall this fundraiser getting some coverage last year, and I think I remember them mentioning the drift to the right.

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