The SF dream cubicle

December 8, 2008

The other day a coworker put me on to a site that was highlighting some really cool office cubicles earlier this year – examples of workers who have gone impressively over the top in personalizing their personal work spaces.

Both of us being SF fans, we started to muse about what our ideal SF-inspired cubicle would look like – if we could ever get away with it in our office, that is, which we couldn’t.

He’s a Trek fan, specifically a follower of a certain group of sometime allies, sometime enemies of the Federation, so he was thinking big: the bridge of a Klingon battlecruiser. Now that’s ambition for the office! Mind you, since it is a cubicle, wouldn’t the interior of a Borg cube be more appropriate?

Personally, I’m thinking that while grand visions for cubicle decore might be nice, you pretty much have to have something appropriate for the limited amount of space you’re working with, otherwise it just wouldn’t pull together. Given an unlimited geeky decorating budget (and permission from the boss, of course) I think I’d either go for the interior of a space pod from “2001”, Wash’s control consol from the bridge of Serenity on “Firefly”, or maybe go red neon crazy and cook-up the interior of a video tank from “Tron”.

So how about you, fellow cubicle dwellers? How would you touch-up your workspace with SF flare if your boss allowed it?

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