My mind to your mind, my list to your list – bloginhood participates in a mind meld over on SF Signal

December 11, 2008

For a while now, SF Signal has been running an interesting feature called the Mind Meld, where they pose a question and invite various people with SF interests to weigh-in, then open the floor for other comments. This week, John and the boys were kind enough to invite me to take part!

This week’s question was “What were the best genre-related books, movies and/or shows you consumed in 2008?” They left it open for participants to list new stuff, as well as not-so-new fare – anything enjoyed this past year. The ‘meld got such a big response from participants, they had to break it into two posts. Here’s the link to Part 1, and here’s the link to Part 2. Lots of absorbing lists of bests from SF authors, editors, fans, critics and commentators of all stripes. Definitely worth the read (and I’m talking about worth while because of the smart stuff from everyone else on the list, not for my inane babbling).

Beyond the intellectual and entertainment value of the Mind Melds, I’ve also been drawn to them for a long time as a reader because they’re such a great source of referrals. Participants are always giving recommendations about this book or that film, most of them worth while. And since this Mind Meld focuses specifically on “the best” – it’s the best referral list you’re gonna see. It’s the uber stocking stuffer list for every geek this holiday season.

But don’t just go to SF Signal for the Mind Melds; be sure to go there for all their other good content, be it Mind Melds, author interviews, reviews, lists, clips, discussions, news, links, giveaways or the rest of it. Go there because it’s a cool site.

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