Top 5 geeky gift ideas

December 25, 2008

Twas the Night Before Christmas… well, okay, it’s very, very early in the a.m. when I’m posting this, so it’s technically Christmas Day, but as far as I’m concerned, until I hit the sack it’s still Christmas Eve and I can take one last shot at putting a wish list out there into the aether to try to get Santa’s attention before he finishes his rounds! Anyhow, amidst this season of family and togetherness and all that good stuff, a geek’s heart often turns to dreams of all the cool toys that old Father Christmas could be leaving under the tree. So here’s a list of a few SF-related things I’d put on my wish list, aside from the usual books and DVD’s, that is…

5. a replica Sonic Screwdriver
A cool little trinket to have amongs the pens and other brick-a-brack in my cubicle to garner more geek cred from fellow Doctor Who fans at the office.

4. steampunk Star Wars Lego
This piece of Lego awesomeness came to my attention courtesy of a recent Tidbits posting on SF Signal. I’d love to see them give the steampunk treatment to a Star Destroyer Lego set!

3. a Battlestar Galactica (new series) model of the Galactica
I saw one of these approximately foot-long beauties a couple of months ago at a local collectibles store. Sure was sweet – until I saw the $120 price tag. Tough to justify that kind of purchase when the same amount of money could buy a bunch of books, or some DVD’s, or, more practically, a couple of tanks of gas. The real pity was that the only BSG-related models that they did have in the store were a couple of flimsy self-assembly old-style Base Stars. Ah well.

2. a Tron frisbee
I searched high and low for something classic and cool like this when my wife and I were in Disneyland for our honeymoon a few years ago. No luck. The Mouse just wasn’t interested in setting aside a corner in one of the many gigantic gift shops down there for vintage stuff. I can only hope that when the sequel comes out eventually they’ll have merchandizing like this available again.

1. A Big Trouble in Little China “Dragon of the Black Pool” jacket
I stumbled across this ultimate piece of fan couture not to long ago when I came across the Wing Kong Exchange site. Being a huge fan of BTiLC, I was mighty tempted to order one of these jackets bearing the name of the hero’s restaurant, but with the Loonie once again sagging lower than the greenback, I’ll have to shelve that idea for the time being. Maybe I’ll make due with a “Pork Chop Express” sticker for my car. Sigh.

 So what SF stuff is on your holiday wish list (and remember, we’re not talking about books, DVD’s or games!) this year?

-And, on behalf of harrysaxon and myself, have a safe and happy holiday season!

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