Joss Whedon’s past and the future of “Dollhouse”: Part 2

April 23, 2009

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  1. […] @random put an intriguing blog post on Joss Whedon’s past and the future of "Dollhouse": Part 2Here’s a quick excerptBuffy’s coming-of-age test at the hands of the Watcher’s Council and subsequent defection is one of both her and Giles’s defining… […]

  2. Great analysis–you are spurring me to rewatch the entire series again. It’s a “great book” of the TV genre, worthy of repeated viewings, and you are doing a fine job highlighting the genius of Whedon.

  3. Great insight, I love to read Buffy’s tesis-es-ses… Keep it up!!! Thanks

  4. Good analysis, but quite how you can miss Amends is beyond me. Some of the most beautiful writing ever, with superb characterwork for Angel, setting up not only Season 7 with the first but basically all 5 seasons of Angel. Show it to someone and they don’t cry, call an ambulance because they’re in need of serious medical help.

    Season 3 is probably the most flawless season, and you’re right that Whedon’s humour is at its best.

  5. Phil, you’re absolutely right; how I forgot to mention the terrific S3 episode that set up the First is a little beyond me. I’d planned on mentioning it, but with all the other things I had spinning around my head it just slipped past me.

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