Adding comics to the mix: Introducing Steve

April 27, 2009

From the very beginning, we’ve planned on bringing other voices to the Not A Planet Anymore forum to offer different opinions on the discussions of the day, as well as their expertise in their own sub-genres of geekery. Today I’m pleased to introduce our newest columnist: Steve.

You’ve probably seen me refer to Steve in the past, usually in reference to items from the British SF Invasion. A buddy from work who I happily discovered was a fellow SF fan, he’s been the vanguard of the SF redcoats – my pipeline to the new Red Dwarf episodes (which, shockingly, I haven’t managed to watch yet) and a ton of tidbits on The Doctor. He’ll even inflict some hard-core Starfleet damage on you if you’re not careful (although, with my own fondness for The Black Hole, I really, really shouldn’t be judging anyone).

But beyond that, Steve is a comic kingpin. With a collection that would put Mallrats‘ Brodie to shame – hell, his inbox stack alone would put many comic stores’ back issue shelves to shame – Steve is The Man when it comes to the comic scene. As the newest member of our team, Steve will be, among other things, adding some representation from the world of comics to our site with his columns.

Welcome, Steve!

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