Free Comic Book Day 2009

April 27, 2009

fbcd-logoThe countdown is on to Free Comic Book Day! FCBD is an annual event, started in 2002, to introduce people to the world of comics, persuade those who used to read comics to come back into the market, and to thank buyers for their continued support. This year’s FCBD takes place Saturday, May 2nd. You might not think that any comic a store would give away for free would be worth anything, but often some of these issues increase in value over the years. It’s certainly worth while to check out the FCBD site to see which titles are being offered this year, and definitely worth going along to your favourite comic book store to pick some up. In addition, many comic stores have special events and signings associated with the day. There is nothing like a writer or artist’s signature to increase a comic’s value!

For sci-fi fans, there are some interesting picks:

  • There is a special Star Wars – Clone Wars issue (28 pages) with two covers. In fact, the character Plo Koon is due to appear in stores in Illinois as part of FCBD.
  • If you are a William Shatner fan, there is a special comic being released to preview an adaptation of his TekWar series, as well as a sneak peak of his other titles.
  • Blackest Night #01Probably one of the “must have” titles will be Blackest Night #0 (starring Green Lantern), written by Geoff Johns. This is considered the lead-in to a series which will have its own title and cover the titles of several other characters as well. DC is pitching this to be the biggest comic event of 2009. This is the first time that DC has launched such a series at a FCBD. Apart from these offerings, there are a total of 40 titles for people of all age groups that have been provided by a wide range of comic publishers. In my opinion, this is a good opportunity to try titles from companies other than Marvel and DC.

Have fun at Free Comic Book Day and don’t forget to check their website for special events in your area.

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