New “Farscape” comic hitting the shelves

April 29, 2009

FarscapeHot off the presses for release on April 29th is a new Farscape comic mini-series: D’Argo’s Lament. Set in Season 3 between the episodes “Revenging Angel” and “Fractures”, the four-part story focuses on the sword-wielding alien’s efforts to prevent interplanetary war. It also co-stars the troublemaker Jool, who eventually has a relationship with D’Argo (you’ll also remember Jool really did not get on with Chiana, who became D’Argo’s love interest by the end of the series).

D’Argo’s Lament is co-written by Rockne S. O’Bannon and Keith DeCandido. O’Bannon served as executive consultant for the Farscape sereies. Others may know him for his writing on Doctor Who, Andromeda, Buffy, Alien Nation (the movie), as well as 15 Star Trek novels. Keith DeCandido’s credits include books in the Buffy, Star Trek and Supernatural franchises and the film Done the Impossible: The Fans’ Tale of “Firefly” and “Serenity”. The comic is available in two covers by Michael DiPascale and Will Sliney.

As this comic attests, despite the series being cut short from five to four seasons, Farscape still has a lot of life left in it. In 2004 there was the TV miniseries Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars. Recently the Sci-Fi Channel (sorry: Syfy) has ordered a 10-part webisode series expected to be released on their site soon. There have been numerous books and a magazine, and even a parody of the show on Stargate SG1’s 200th episode special. And of course there are many fan sites.

In the medium of comics, this is the third Farscape mini-series that Boom Studios has released and they have proven to be extremely popular. In fact, there are predictions D’Argo’s Lament will be completely sold out.  Pre-orders for the comic have been very high.  Previews can be found on Boom’s website.  The previous Farscape series were titled The Beginning of the End of the Beginning (Dec 2008) and Strange Detractors (Mar 2009).  Further mini-series are planned by Boom but have yet to be announced.  Prior to Boom’s netting the Farscape franchise, Wildstorm Comics (part of the DC group) produced a two part story in 2002 called War Torn.

bloginhood’s addendum: I can’t say I was a dedicated follower when Farscape originally hit the air, but I got into it in reruns and it really impressed the hell out of me. Good writing, interesting characters and a reimagining of the classic Buck Rogers/Flash Gordon storyline that was big without feeling contrived like some of the old serials and their recent adaptations.

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