USS Enterprise-inspired car

April 29, 2009

Having just arrived in Canada we were thinking of purchasing a new car but my Google search must have got intermingled with the release of the new Star Trek movie and found this interesting little vehicle.

Until shuttle crafts become available on the general market I think the Nissan Terranaut will do for our tech travelling needs for the time being.  Nissan announced its Terranaut concept at the 2006 Geneva Motor Show; it would be a “three-seat SUV for explorers and scientists designed to cross ice, deserts and other remote hostile environments with its 19-inch puncture-proof Goodyear tires”.  There are two regular seats in the front but the single seat in the back can swivel 360 degrees and is surrounded by USS Enterprise-inspired consoles.

This certainly would have been the ideal car for me, while someone drives in front I can do all my necessary blogging, surfing and general geeky stuff from the comfort of the back of the vehicle.

Nissan must have been very serious about this car because they even made a demonstration video.

You can read more about the car on the following sites:

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bloginhood’s addendum:

With the rear workstation configuration, this vehicle reminded me a little of the high-tech Japanese car (crewed by Chinese) in The Cannonball Run. Without Jackie Chan.

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