Top 5 worst moments from the “Star Trek” films

April 30, 2009

Star Trek 2009With the new Star Trek reboot just around the corner, I thought it was fair to take an unflinching look at where the franchise has gone before in film – especially the moments that were so bad the audience couldn’t help but flinch.

5) The 5-8 minutes of excessive trippy cloud special effects and gratuitous reaction shots as the Enterprise creeps toward V’Ger in Star Trek I: The Motion Picture
Okay, it’s a weird alien cloud, you’re amazed, we get it. 1-2 minutes would have done it. This was a lame-duck copy of what Kubrick did with Dave Bowman’s journey at the end of 2001: A Space Odyssey.

4) “Don’t mince words, Bones, tell me what you really think.” Jim Kirk in his condo in The Wrath of Khan
Perhaps The Shat’s most foppish and needy delivery of a line of dialogue. Ever. Pity it was there to mar an otherwise incredible film.

3) Chekhov’s weird pink outfit in The Search for Spock
It made him look like some kind of overgrown Victorian schoolboy. Intensely creepy. Any scene with him in that getup is instantly ruined by it. The costume designer should have been fired with the first concept sketch of that thing.

2) Everything in Generations after Kirk gets torn out of Enterprise B and pulled into the nexus
Leading up to this scene, the movie was unremarkable but at least not bad. Kirk’s apparent death was actually astoundingly good – at last, the great hero dies a real, sudden, Red Shirt death with no time for soulful looks or poorly-delivered speeches. Then the scene changes, and from here on out it’s a suckfest of such cosmic proportions that nothing, not even Malcolm McDowell’s half-hearted grimacing for the camera, can save it. The whole thing is just one bad moment in cinematic history.

1) Row, row, row your boat – The Final Frontier
’nuff said.

Next week: The best moments in the Trek films

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  1. No bad Star Trek moment is complete without mentioning Scotty walking into a pipe in Star Trek V.

  2. That was one of the more egregious examples of putting a slapstick scene into a movie with no purpose other than so they could put it in the trailer to draw a laugh. Lindsay Lohan’s completely out-of-character tumble into a garbage can in Mean Girls always springs to mind as well.

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