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The demise of Not a Planet Anymore

September 22, 2009

It’s apparent that this site has received little attention in the past few months. Sadly, this blog, a collaborative project, lost its other collaborators back in May. As I don’t have the time or energy to concentrate on keeping two blogs going, I’ve decided to abandon NAPA and will focus my efforts on my original blog,

While I am sorry to do this, I just don’t feel right about continuing a project that reflects absent authors at least as much as me.

I have no plans to delete Not a Planet Anymore, but will not be updating it. I have moved all posts individually authored by me; the posts here were replaced with links to those posts at

Thanks for coming to visit us here at NAPA, and I hope that those of you who enjoyed my writing will come over and continue reading!


Confessions of a Canadian Red Sox fan

May 20, 2009

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USS Enterprise-inspired car

April 29, 2009

Having just arrived in Canada we were thinking of purchasing a new car but my Google search must have got intermingled with the release of the new Star Trek movie and found this interesting little vehicle.

Until shuttle crafts become available on the general market I think the Nissan Terranaut will do for our tech travelling needs for the time being.  Nissan announced its Terranaut concept at the 2006 Geneva Motor Show; it would be a “three-seat SUV for explorers and scientists designed to cross ice, deserts and other remote hostile environments with its 19-inch puncture-proof Goodyear tires”.  There are two regular seats in the front but the single seat in the back can swivel 360 degrees and is surrounded by USS Enterprise-inspired consoles.

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Adding comics to the mix: Introducing Steve

April 27, 2009

From the very beginning, we’ve planned on bringing other voices to the Not A Planet Anymore forum to offer different opinions on the discussions of the day, as well as their expertise in their own sub-genres of geekery. Today I’m pleased to introduce our newest columnist: Steve.

You’ve probably seen me refer to Steve in the past, usually in reference to items from the British SF Invasion. A buddy from work who I happily discovered was a fellow SF fan, he’s been the vanguard of the SF redcoats – my pipeline to the new Red Dwarf episodes (which, shockingly, I haven’t managed to watch yet) and a ton of tidbits on The Doctor. He’ll even inflict some hard-core Starfleet damage on you if you’re not careful (although, with my own fondness for The Black Hole, I really, really shouldn’t be judging anyone).

But beyond that, Steve is a comic kingpin. With a collection that would put Mallrats‘ Brodie to shame – hell, his inbox stack alone would put many comic stores’ back issue shelves to shame – Steve is The Man when it comes to the comic scene. As the newest member of our team, Steve will be, among other things, adding some representation from the world of comics to our site with his columns.

Welcome, Steve!

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Site redesign!

April 21, 2009

We’ve lasted over half a year! In honour of this completely meaningless – even pathetic – milestone, we’re now hosting the site at – so update your bookmarks! We’ve also given the “old” girl a new paint job and cleaner lines, and a renewed commitment to bring you some great content in the coming year.

So what do you think of our new look? Great idea, or a huge mistake of G.O.B.-ian proportions? Be sure to leave us a comment and let us know!


Ready to rate your nerdiness?

February 10, 2009

Check out for a quick way to check just how much of a geek you are. (I found the link on one of SF Signal’s Tidbits collections)

I think I’m averaging in the “Fairly Nerdy” category. No surprise there.

There probably should have been another category devoted to being able to spout quotes from a movie/TV show/book off the cuff.


Dying to get onto Broadway

January 26, 2009

Not that I’ve ever been a big follower of the hit musical seen, but Broadway has finally gone too far. CBC is reporting that Broadway musical producer James L Nederlander is going to make a new musical based on the Michael Jackson video “Thriller” (which was directed by John Landis way back when). Holy shit. It’s enough to make your jaw hit the floor, and then spur you to go shuffling off without it in search of some brains.

harrysaxon’s the zombie fan around these parts (as a teen, he even had a car nicknamed “Zombo”) so maybe he’s more qualified to comment on this than me, but still… With all the money this producer’s got at his disposal, he couldn’t find something better to base a musical on? Seriously, a Michael Jackson video? I seem to recall SF Signal mentioning a while ago that “Evil Dead” had been made into a stage play, and so be it, it certainly has a strong cult following, but there’s gotta be something out there with more body than “Thriller” to reanimate on Broadway. Isn’t it pretty much all but forgotten except in Hallowe’en music video retrospectives? And I’m not just taking shots at this lumbering pile of celluloid decay because “Thriller” scared the crap outta me when I saw it as a kid, I’m saying this because in the horror genre alone there are probably hundreds of stories, movies, TV shows, whatever that would make a better musical and probably have more staying power than this thing. In fact, in terms of sheer camp value, I’m suddenly in mind of that old Simpsons episode where Troy McClure stars in the stage musical adaptation of “Planet of the Apes” – no zombies and no horror (beyond the realization that they “blew it all up!!!”) but even that would make more entertaining theatre than “Thriller”.

The great names of the stage must be rolling over in their graves.