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The “Boys from the Dwarf” are back!

January 28, 2009

Grab your Fijiian hotdog stand uniform, a chicken vindaloo and a lager, Red Dwarf, the unapologetically goofy BBC science fiction series, is coming out of stasis.

The BBC site’s reporting series co-creator Doug Naylor is reuniting the original cast for a new installment that sees them finally make it home after being lost in deep space for more than three million years. The two-part special, “Back to Earth”, will air Easter weekend on digital channel Dave.

When we last left the “Boys from the Dwarf” (as Lister referred to them at least once, although I seem to recall he may have used the term a couple of times) – plus the love of his life, Christine Kochansky – at the end of series 8, the recently-resurrected crew had left Lister, Rimmer, Kryten, Cat and Kochansky to die aboard the ship as it was seemingly on the verge of destruction. The final image (and I don’t feel that this is much of a spoiler ’cause it’s been nearly 10 years since the show ended and if you cared about it, you know what went down, and if you didn’t watch the show then you don’t care and the spoilage factor is irrelevant): Death was coming for Rimmer (again); the little smeg-head canned the Grim Reaper a good one in the junk and high-tailed it down the corridor.

To me, that wonderful final scene pretty much summed-up the series: a bunch of unimportant guys drifting through life trying to get by and have a little fun, fequently trod-upon by their alleged betters, occasionally confronted by huge forces beyond their comprehension and doing their damndest to survive one way or another – not with heroism to be remembered down through the ages, but instead possibly with a little cleverness, some quick timing and maybe a dash of physicality, but mostly with luck and definitely full of fear. Kind of a metaphor for how a lot of people on this world get through life, and one that was all the more effective by showing itself through laughter.

Special thanks to my co-worker and fellow fanboy Steve for passing along the article from the Beeb.