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Will the Devil get his due on “Reaper”?

April 30, 2009

Ray WiseWarning: SPOILERS

Lately I’ve been beginning to wonder if the Devil (played by the gleefully malicious Ray Wise) might actually be succeeding (if slowly) in turning Sam (Bret Harrison) to the dark side on Reaper. Not through any obvious, direct means like repeatedly encouraging him to do bad things, or trying to wear him down with a cynical world view, or pitting him against his half-brother last week in a soul-catching contest. Rather, it’s the result of a subtle manipulation of circumstances that makes it seem as though Sam is doing it all on his own.

In season 1, Sam operated on a fairly straight-forward basis: he didn’t like the contract that bound him to the Prince of Darkness, he wanted out of it, he kept Andi in the dark, but he did his job. Sure he whined about what the Devil put him through, but that was the extent of it.

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