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October 30, 2008

12:31am – bloginhood

I don’t know what it’s like where you are, but even though it’s the middle of the night and cloudy here in BC’s Lower Mainland, I’m seeing a hell of a lot of lights in the sky. Anyone else know what’s up? Harrysaxon, you’re just south of the river, are you seeing this too? I mean, I know I had eye surgery this summer, but I can’t be seeing flashes like this! Doesn’t look like the usual air traffic coming in to Vancouver International either. Weird thing is, they’re all coming down. Too slow to be meteorites though…

Oh wow! A really bright one just flashed nearby – it’s gotta be somewhere near the Deas Island tunnel I think.

Old satellites maybe? You’d think they’d bring them down out to sea rather than over a residential zone, farmer’s fields and an airport though.

Is this happening anywhere else, or just out here on the Wet Coast? Maybe I’ll check Newsworld in the morning before work.

Let me know if any of you hear anything. Thanks.

7:57am – bloginhood

They’re not leading with it yet, but  a lot of the local and national media are picking up on this story about all the meteorites that came down last night. Craters nearly everywhere around the world near population centres/cities/towns/villages – funny, not many reported as being in the wilderness.

No enlightenment from the scientific community and not much in the way of comment from police/military officials or politicians.

I haven’t seen many clear shots yet on our local media – anyone else seeing better pix in your neck of the woods? – but is it just me or do the aerial photos make those craters look all more or less the same size?

Gonna do a little poking around on the net before work.

I think we’ve got a couple of craters near-by, based on what the morning drive news is saying.

Let me know if anyone finds anything out.

8:59am – bloginhood

Just wanted to give a shout-out to crotchetyoldfan and E Dragon for letting us know what’s going on on the North Coast and back east in SE New Hampshire (must look amazing this time of year with all of the leaves on the trees – unless they’ve been knocked over by whatever came down last night, that is!) – if you guys saw those lights last night too, then I know I’m not completely nuts – yet, anyway.

Any craters around your place at all? What’s the local response been like?

10:45am – bloginhood

Okay, word’s starting to come in from local media that these things in that’ve made the craters are artificial. Some clear shots that some of the TV stations have posted to their websites are showing some straight edges and non-natural curved surfaces. Hard to make out more details than that though – crowds keep getting in the way.

The rational part of my mind is wondering if this is some sort of corporate publicity stunt or something. But then there’s that little paranoid voice that’s saying, well, maybe not… So what could they be?

At any rate, looks like a couple have come down in Richmond, and not too far from my place. I’m gonna call it an early day here at work and head home. Should be okay with the boss since I’ve just got a pile of editing to do for one of our organizational magazines, which I can work on at home. Gonna spin by the crater just off Garden City Road to see if I can get a glimpse of this damn thing.

Anyone else close enough to take a look?

11:19am – harrysaxon

What the hell is going on? Parking lot is nuts and the ER is a madhouse. Going to try to get out of here before I can’t get my car out.

12:04pm – harrysaxon

I can’t get any news. Not a good idea to work in a hospital beside a police station when disaster hits. Not many else will get out, and I’ve thanked fate many times that I drive an offroad-modified Jeep. Hundreds, maybe thousands of people, most of them unhurt, but want to know what’s going on. So do I – my car stereo’s broken, the 3G network seems to have gone down, posting this from an open router on a suburban street. Too slow to browse the internet. Not even sure if it’ll make it out.

Apparently one of these craters is over near the general aviation airport on the other side of the highway. I’m going to see if I can make my way over there. hope everyone gets this.

1:18pm – harrysaxon

Finally found another open router. Still can’t get on the internet with Safari – is it down? My WordPress app claims these are getting published but still can’t be sure.

I got almost close enough to where I’m guessing the crater is, but there’s military everywhere shoving us back. Going to try to go around the south side. Their attention on keeping those few of us who’ve gotten out this way seems to be slipping, anyway – suspect something big might be happening that has them distracted. Might have something to do with the weird buzzing noise and light ground tremors I’m feeling.

Will try to update as soon as I can see something.

2:21pm – bloginhood

Oh damn. Whatever is in those craters just came out shooting. To quote John Carptenter’s “The Thing”, I don’t know what that thing is, “but it’s weird and pissed off!”

Just starting to calm down. Maybe that’s not the right word. Maybe I’m just going into some kind of shock and this is detachment/emotional deadness. Shit. I dunno.

I’ve been trying to put my thoughts down here and over on my other site, bloginhood, but I’m still trying to get my head around what the fuck just happened.

Short version: driving home, on Garden City, big crowd of people and cars up ahead on the other side of the road by the big empty field owned by the DND. Traffic’s pretty much stopped. Then there’s a flash and a buzzing and where some of the crowd used to be, there’s just black ash and people nearby screaming and burning. Another flash and more people are just gone and some cars blow-up too. The stampede starts just then as this big frackin’ thing starts to stand up – I can’t believe it, something that big just standing up on its own – looked like the size of one of those huge industrial cranes at the ports in Vancouver or Tsawwassen. Big frackin’ thing starts to shoot again – light coming from some kind of box/cannon/whatever at the end of an “arm” – and more people get it. Big frackin’ thing looks like some kind of weird dome or teacup or crushed bucket or something on top of, I kid you not, a big-ass three-legged milking stool. Then there were a bunch of tentacles or ropes twitching around, that cannon thing, and what looked like a giant wire egg basket mounted on the back.

Needless to say, I floored it up onto the sidewalk and blitzed for home.

I don’t know where my wife is. She’s not answering her cell. I’m worried.

Is anyone else out there seeing this shit? What the hell’s going on? Who are these guys? That damn thing sure as hell didn’t look like any tank or helicopter – not anything anyone else would be using – at least nothing that’s been shown on those Discovery Channel military shows. Weird frackin’ monster machine thing plus crater plus lights in the sky – I don’t know if there’s any official word yet (if there’s anybody left to give an official word) but I’m callin’ this a close encounter of the unprovoked ass-kicking kind.

Did some aliens intercept one of our planet’s infomercials for face cream or discount workout equipment or something and take offence or interpret the corporate-driven insistence that consumers need to buy more stuff to improve their self-image as a declaration of war or something?!

And why am I still able to get an internet connection? Yeah, it’s slow, but still…

I’ve gotta get some answers. Gonna break for a bit to see if there’s anything on TV or if the radio guys have got the big picture. Maybe something here online.

How about the rest of you? Do you know what’s going on? How are you holding up?

Harrysaxon: If you’re still online, listen when I tell you you really don’t want to investigate that crater near the municipal airport. Just get home, get your wife and your cat and get that jeep ready to bug out! Bug out? Bug eyed monsters. Bugging out from bug-eyed monsters. Oh shit I’m losin’ it.

Everybody hold on there and check in and let us know how you’re doing!

3:43pm – harrysaxon

I’m in Surrey. 3G towers are still working here. My phone lit up like a Christmas tree all of a sudden. Whatever this is, it seems to be happening everywhere. You don’t need me to tell you what I’m seeing, and bloginhood did a better job than I can do on an iPhone keyboard. The look like some kind of goddamned giant robot octopus. And what the hell are those weapons? They’re not lasers, they’re not fire… some kind of plasma weapon? Or have I just played too much Doom, is that what plasma even is? fuck, I’m no scientist.

I know it leaves people looking like something I’d see turned out of a barbeque pit. And smelling, too. No wonder cannibalistic tribes sometimes referred to their favourite meal as “long pork”. Who knew all the forensic studies in college would be girding my gut for something like this. Not that there’s anything left in my stomach.

I’m… in total shock. I think Ladner’s mostly gone. I was a couple klicks away from the airport when I saw it rear up. I could hear them moving over the village. The whole sky over Ladner is glowing. It’s an old town, mostly wood buildings. I think it went fast. Maybe Floyd’s lurking somewhere back there, I hope he is. He’s a clever bastard and survived on his own a long time before I rescued him.

I can’t get my wife on the phone. I’m trying to move towards her work. I hope you manage to get in touch with your wife, man. I’ve wasted too much time typing this, though, I should get moving. It doesn’t look too bad here yet. It’s creepy, actually, been trying to stick to easy fields and parks, but the streets are almost deserted, no bodies even – I left those behind in east Delta – though the abandoned cars cluttering the roads are going to have a lot of people upset by what I’ve done to their front yards with my mudders. If they live to see it. Where the hell is everybody anyway?

4:17pm – harrysaxon

Haven’t made it very far. There’s this black smoke all up the river valley. Not sure i should fo down. And what the shit is this red plant?

Maybe if the smoke clears a bit I’ll try to get down to the island on foot. I thin

Holy shit one of them is in the river. What the help is ut doing?

oh my god.

6:23pm – harrysaxon

The alex Fraser bridge is gone. I guess the rest are too. Never making it to the island. I hope my wife got off it in time. Go way to know. I’m in a basemen in Whalley. Ha ha. Wonder if three are slot cars anywhere around. Ha.

It’s not the bridge that dealt worries me it’s the smoke. I caught a word and it burned. A whiff ibmean. It came rolling towards me a while back and I qas sore I was toast. Sure. But it doesn’t seem to be working anymore. It seemed to dissolve into the river. Maybe the rain?

I think I know where everyone went but there aren’t bodies. I need to get out. I was doing ok when I was on the move. Sitting here thinking about it all. Can’t take it. I think I know where everyone went but whybthere aren’t bodies. I’m going to go and try to find out for sure. Quash me luck.

7:19pm – bloginhood

Still no luck getting in touch with my wife. Good luck to you, harrysaxon, in finding yours. She’s a smart lady and she’s probably gone to ground where she’ll be out of harm’s way.

I saw one of the big bastards get taken down today near the Richmond armory, but another one evened the score pretty quickly. I was lucky to get out of the area alive. I figure the only reason I made it was because I was on a bike and hidden on a recreation trail. Every car in the area got torched by the tripod that came to avenge his buddy.

News from around the world this afternoon is bleaker than I could have imagined. I’ve given a summary over on bloginhood, but the bottom line is there’s been lots of heavy fighting just about everywhere, and we’re losing. The Martians (that’s what I’m calling these fuckers now, ’cause alien assholes just doesn’t have that certain je ne sais quois) are vulnerable to some bombardment, but their heat rays are such a totally effective weapon offensively and defensively that not much gets past them. They’ve tried nukes overseas, but the tripods outside the initial blast zone just dig in and let the shockwave roll over them, then get up and proceed to kick more ass. That creepy black cloud you saw, harrysaxon, was their gas weapon. Worse than mustard gas from all accounts, but, strangely, it’s rendered harmless by water. Huh? Anyway, today’s rain here on the Lower Mainland must be keeping the stuff down and preventing the situation from getting worse than it is.

For any of you in Greater Vancouver who are reading this, stay put ’cause you won’t get far anyway. The Martians have taken out all the major transportation infrastructure. I heard Vancouver International Airport get torched not too long ago. All the bridges have been wiped out. The ports and pretty much anything that floats are now wreckage, and the major roads at the head of the Fraser Valley and along the US border are destroyed and guarded by tripods, along with the Sea to Sky Highway to Whistler. Reports from the radio mention lots of people are “heading for the hills”, but unless you want to become bear chow like those dumb bastards or get hypothermia, you’ll rule that out as an option.

It’s almost like they’re trying to keep us isolated from one another – not destroy us so much as keep us in one place – keep us manageable. I feel like we’re being treated like cattle. Oh shit. Maybe that’s why they’re destroying the infrastructure, but leaving the utilities alone -if we have power and phones and the net we can communicate with each other, but they’re not worried about us strategizing (today’s battles have proven they can handle themselves against our best) – they want us to talk to each other so we can ramp up the panic. I guess this dumb blog isn’t helping, huh?

Does anyone know what’s the deal with the red weed? I took the cat out in the back yard earlier (odd how such a regular domestic chore can happen amidst the truly incredible) and noticed that shit growing all over the place. If we somehow survive this invasion, that red weed is really gonna piss me off. I hate gardening at the best of times, I’m really gonna hate having to pull all that crap out!

I’m gonna hunker down here for a little while longer to see if my wife can make it home. If not, well, there’s cover of darkness (I assume – probably wrongly, ’cause hey, if they can cross interplanetary/interstellar distances, they probably have night vision goggles) and I may try to make a break for it.

Let us know what’s happening in your area so we can figure out what they’re up to now that they’ve cleaned our military clocks so thoroughly. Stay safe, everyone!

8:30pm – bloginhood

It’s way too quiet in my neighbourhood tonight. No cars – at least, none that are moving. Most of the surrounding townhouses and condos are dark. With the low clouds, rain and darkness, maybe it’s time to make a move. I can’t take the car –  I ran out to the end of the block earlier and the main streets look jammed up with cars – accidents mostly, like they’ve smashed into each other in the panic, but some look like they’ve been tossed around (especially the ones imbedded in nearby houses) by something big. Potholes like you wouldn’t believe in the streets, probably from the tripods. No, I’ll try to go by bike again. I’m going to make a run down to the Canadian Tire store and “Liberate a small infatable raft and a few other supplies. Tomorrow, if my wife’s not back, I’ll see if I can make it up the coast a ways. Maybe the Martians haven’t gotten around to Bella Bella. It’ll probably take days or weeks to get up there, but I’m getting more and more nervous about wating around here like a tin of tuna in the pantry.

Wish me luck.

8:54pm – bloginhood

At last! Looks like those fucking Martians may not be on top of the world after all! Check out what Lugosi’s observed in the eastern US. Seems some of the badguys might have a bit of a sniffle.

Not much help out here though, I’m still seeing Martian search lights farther up the street in the centre of town and hearing their clanking and the occasional buzz of a heat ray.

Okay, NOW I’m headed out to find a raft.

9:40pm – harrysaxon

Have a little time, enough to correct my typing again, anyway. I’m holed up again, near the.. near where the Port Mann bridge used to be. My excursion was… successful, I guess. I found out where everyone is, why there’s no bodies on the streets out here. But first… I’ve managed to catch up on my reading. Good luck, bloginhood, but be careful. And thank god for what Lugosi’s turned up. Heh, I’ve been fighting a cold for weeks – they better not mess with me if they know what’s good for them.

There’s no-one here because they’re collecting us. I don’t know why, but those baskets you saw, bloginhood – I still hadn’t gotten close enough to see one, and they hadn’t gotten up to it yet when you saw it. They’re fucking COLLECTING us.

Maybe we’ll beat these things… yeah, Martians, I can’t believe they came from Mars after the Rover expeditions and all, but it seems as fitting a name as anyway… maybe we’ll beat them just by accident. By just being the filthy disease-ridden creatures we are. Maybe they would’ve resisted normal colds and flus, maybe our obsession with hand sanitizer and antibiotics engineered things they couldn’t handle. But so far… it’s not much help here. I think I’ve got a good spot… I really have no idea how I’ve avoided them for so long, although I abandoned the Jeep hours ago to keep a lower profile… maybe it’s just luck. I hope my wife had the same luck. And my cat. But no way of knowing… I don’t like that she doesn’t answer her phone. Most of the rest of the area has coverage, and not many people using it anymore. I can’t help but think…

nothing I can do now I guess. I’m just numb. almost apathetic and indifferent. amazing what the human brain can endure when pressed. I’m somewhat underground, I’ve covered up the only way to squeeze down here with boards, I’m being as quiet as I can… heh, let’s just hope that they can’t trace the radiation coming out of this thing…

Wait. What was that?

10:59pm – harrysaxon

Got me fuchers got me. In the cge. People pressed all around. Looking at me hack atjxjdjdkdkdhuwiwoxn
At this thing like I’m mad. Maybe last thingkdjdeozneoq
Thing I ever say.they’re starting to drop! Maybe someone will see this one day 77777777

Hard to type. Done of the otherbtripofs.. Tripods are dropping. It’s happening! They’re. Oh shit they just rwache down and grabbed the guy above meqpsikskxixizkwhskxoapsjduxidjsjsosos

My wife just tested me! Have to text her bachdjkdkdkdks


11:42pm – bloginhood

Picking this up where I left off on bloginhood – didn’t make it as far as the store – Martians camped out in a field at #4 and Steveston Highway, tried to turn back but another was coming in from behind me so I left the bike and dove into a ditch. Waited for him to pass then crept back through the burbs.

I saw one of the fuckers down! I can’t believe it – about 5 blocks away on the way back – flat-out crashed into a house and not moving at all. Later on, against the glare of the fires closer into town I saw a bunch of the tripods just standing around swaying back and forth like drunks at last call. Got home but as soon as I fired up the computer one of them came tottering down the street. Fucker’s standing pretty much right outside my goddamn window. Typing but the rest of me hasn’t moved since he got here. Oh wow do I have to scratch in a couple of places. But if I do, I might be fried – Martian’s got a clear view and a clear shot. The light’s out but I can’t chance it.

Really tipping back and forth now! I should grab the cat and bolt but it keeps trying to regain its balance and I don’t want to get shot – kinda want to see it fall too – I know, very stupid.

Have to type fast now cause it’s staggering all over the development – hit the neighbour’s house, now back this way – shit, just grazed the roof okay that’s it i’m outta here. gonna hit send and hope for the best holy shit it’s coming down for real now haeding this way slipping on road no time to get outstairs are in the front of the house ehre he coms


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